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12 Secrets of the Secret enjoy a harmonious sex life

Friction hot

during sex hot key friction helps to achieve orgasm. Female superior, for example, can make the female clitoris easier to direct friction with the male pubic If you take the female inferior, below the hip pad a pillow also contribute to a better stimulation of the clitoris. Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology and professor of psychiatry, sex experts Dr. Laura Berman said that the process of sex can also use the oscillator fueled sex 2 information. feeling

Dr. Berman said that during sex, men really need guidance. comfort of your own feelings wife told her husband directly, or moaning expression out

masturbation orgasm

If you do not know the feelings of climax, then naturally can not say it Sex Resources Information Company Sex coach Danielle slips Lucci , in order to train the body feeling of orgasm, it is best to learn masturbation.

exercise the climax muscle

sex education experts Dorian ยท the Suo Luote said the Kegel The training method is a robust reproductive organs muscle exercises, can enhance a woman’s sexual pleasure is simply training the pelvic floor contraction of the levator ani muscles, as if trying to holding back urine or inhibit the action defecation, can be accompanied by a slight abdomen, buttocks and inner thigh muscles contraction training several times a day the best.

couple climbing or horror movies

study showed that the husband and wife seek to stimulate activities (rock climbing or horror movies, etc.), can stimulate dopamine in the brain, helps to increase the feelings of sexual lubrication.

6. to delay pleasure

the Suo Luote said: sexual arousal The longer, the more violent outbreak of a sexual climax close sexual pleasure, and then slow down and replaced by a small fire, repeated several times after orgasm dripping fun.

7. regulation of breathing

regulate breathing help to promote sexual pleasure sex education expert Yvonne Havre Brett says: You can use the breathing leading energy good at adjusting respiratory couple sex methodical pace, and will not rush to a vent , but ready to go, the more intense orgasmic pleasure.

8. to look erotic movies or books

couple taste of erotic movies or books is a good foreplay activities , more sexual arousal to orgasm greater the chance

9. innovation foreplay

If the woman than the man evokes longer foreplay may try to send each other sex e-mail or SMS start the

10 check medications

women than men are more likely to antidepressant medication. these drugs will destroy the normal sex life if you are taking these drugs, is best to seek medical advice.

11 to seek help as soon as possible

sex orgasm, seek professional medical help. the doctors medical evaluation or scrutiny of other relevant factors. nerve injury or low androgen may be the crux of the problem.

12. relax

France involving more than 500 women in a recent survey found that more than 70% participation women tested, working pressure so that they lose interest in sex. the low libido Obviously difficult to achieve orgasm.

warm Tip: So before sex should eliminate all interference great way to relax, easy battle, the quality of sex will be higher. Health Network wish you good health.

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