A cup of tea before sexual ability to enhance sexual arousal

Sex before drinking black tea can stimulate sexual desire

tea is often seen as a symbol of the ascetic, in fact, according to the human condition to select different compatibility tea, not only does not inhibit sexual desire, but can play kidney physical, and even enhance sexual function, increase sexual excitement role. Generally speaking, black tea and warm to cold, warm stomach, more nourishing effect; sexual cool green tea, mainly the effect of heat and refreshing, For Invigorant, recommended with warm tea.

Indeed, the amount of tea beneficial to health, and prevention and treatment of certain diseases, in enhancing sexual function, there is some scientific reason as tea contains caffeine, tea alkali and theobromine, refreshing benefit thinking, relieve fatigue function, husband and wife intercourse sip a cup of tea, help to improve the quality of sexual intercourse.

however, does not advocate drinking tea in the evening, it will affect the to sleep, but not conducive to good addition, extremes meet, Chinese medicine, excessive drinking of tea due to excessive diuretic renal injury, kidney damage, decreased sexual and tea taste bitter deficiency are not appropriate to drink. the

drinking red wine can also stimulate the libido

In fact, alcohol is a cause the body physiology at an early stage into the excitement, the latter resulting in inhibition inhibitors, even the sex organs are suppressed, so only Yi Qian taste

wine love, drank too much sex make poor performance in moderation, alcohol is on the good aphrodisiac matter, with mitigation of the effect of the tension and anxiety, to help embolden, enhance the spirit of adventure. Experts say the only species: red wine gives people the feeling of mystery, its taste will change due to external factors, the taste can become very complicated, with the lovers to eat the most suitable for drinking, but do not drink too much, two cups to the belly very relax, the most important thing is to hold wine Blackjack, gently shake the wine will be overflowing out, even if the wine does not intoxicate, who will himself drunk, the atmosphere suddenly becomes very romantic.

Health Network Tips: above to tell you before sex to drink black tea and red wine can stimulate sexual desire, we want to help, and Health Net wish you good health.


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